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Sky Network & NBCUniversal Ad-Space Can Be Purchased Via Same Tool


As sports events, which attracted most advertisers, are being postponed due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, media companies across continent find a common platform to boost revenue.

Comcast Corp informed that the advertisement of both the media companies, namely “NBCUniversal and Sky”, were up for purchase via the “same tool”. This way the firms are looking to reach out to “more global advertisers” so as to cover the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.
Comcast, the provider of cable television in the U.S., has given a warning last month as it foresaw weaker revenue in the Q2 coming from advertising. The reason behind this is sports events are being postponed sue to the ongoing global health crisis and usually it is these events that often attract “major TV ad dollars”. Moreover, eMarketer, the research firm, stated that the entire U.S. TV sector could lose as much as “$12 billion” in Q1’s revenue this year.
As per recent information advertisers will be able to buy ads on UK’s Sky network through One Platform tool of NBCUniversal.  In the words of the Advertising as well as Partnership Chairman at NBCUniversal, Linda Yaccarino who thinks automated tools could reduce advertisers’ cost:
“This effort matters more now than ever”.
One Platform will enable brands to purchase ads either the traditional way by targeting viewers’ base depending on “age and gender” or by opting for “more advanced ways” like targeting the contents the viewers watch. While Yaccarino added:
“This is designed for the consumer to get the ads that will be most relevant to them, and it’s better for the marketer”.