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Solar and wind energy hits record 12% share in 2022


In 2022, wind and solar energy made up a record-high 12% of the world's energy mix.

Fernando Tomás
Fernando Tomás
The figure was up to 10% a year ago, according to a study by the British think tank Ember. Last year, a record amount of clean energy (both nuclear and renewable) was produced globally.

The research states that the generation of wind and solar energy both rose. According to Ember, more than 60 nations produce over 10% of their electricity with wind and solar energy. However, energy production from alternative clean sources has fallen for the first time since 2011 for this reason. This was brought on by a decline in nuclear production as well as a decline in the number of nuclear and hydroelectric power facilities that were in operation.

The annual peak of emissions in the energy sector was 1.3%. According to Ember, the increase in coal production was 1.1 percent, which is "consistent with the average growth over the past decade." The phase-out of coal power, according to experts, may not have started in 2022, but the energy crisis "has not led to a significant increase in coal combustion as many feared." Due to governments' desire to keep excess capacity, it also saw the fewest closures of coal-fired plants in seven years.

source: ember-climate.org