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SpaceX’s Dragon Crew Capsule Test Met With Anomaly


NASA and SpaceX jointly investigate the anomaly at “SpaceX Static Fire Test”.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org; (CC BY 2.0)
Source: commons.wikimedia.org; (CC BY 2.0)
The SpaceX Company has experienced an irregularity while it was conducting “engine tests” for one of its “Crew Dragon capsules”. The incident took place in Florida’s “Cape Canaveral Air Force Station”.
In a statement, the company revealed:
“The initial tests completed successfully but the final test resulted in an anomaly on the test stand”.
Moreover, Florida Today had earlier reported the matter claiming that “orange smoke” was sighted coming out of the SpaceX facility, while the anomaly was brought under control without any injuries. Further, SpaceX reported that the incident is being investigated in a joint venture with NASA partners. The administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, on the other hand took to Twitter to inform:
“NASA has been notified about the results of the SpaceX Static Fire Test and the anomaly that occurred during the final test”.
“This is why we test. We will learn, make the necessary adjustments and safely move forward with our Commercial Crew Program”.
Spacex and Boeing Co totally received a sum of “$6.8 billion” NASA in order to create “competing rocket and capsule systems” which will be used for launching astronauts into the earth’s orbit, while the rockets will take off from the soil of America. In fact, last month SpaceX, the private company, witness a successful completion of its project as it sent an “unmanned capsule to the International Space Station” which landed safely back on earth, whereby ticking off a crucial part of NASA’s plan of resuming “human space flight from U.S. soil”.
While, Reutes reported that:
“SpaceX’s first crewed test flight is slated to launch in July with U.S. astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken”.