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Starbucks, Amazon plan to open joint outlets


Amazon, which previously launched the cashier-less Amazon Go shop chain in the US and UK, has been in talks with coffee chain Starbucks to open co-branded outlets, Business Insider reports, citing an internal retailer document.

The project, under the ready-made Verde name, was planned to come up with a single brand and ordering app. The first shops were due to open in the fourth quarter of 2020; there is a possibility that the companies have abandoned the plans.

Amazon is already working with Starbucks on cashless shops: two Amazon Go locations opened self-service outlets with Starbucks coffee in 2019. The Verde project, on the other hand, involved setting up an Amazon Go department in a Starbucks-type coffee shop. Such outlets would have involved ordering coffee from Starbucks via its app, buying food using Amazon Go technology, and a dining area for customers in both areas.

Amazon Go (in London, Amazon Fresh) uses machine vision technology to identify which items a customer has picked up. The shops are locked by turnstiles and are accessed by the app. Amazon Go allows multiple family members' accounts to be linked to a single Amazon account in order to consolidate purchases into a single account.

source: businessinsider.com