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Strike MoMA Begins Dismantling One of NYC’s Flagship Museums


A coalition of New York City community activists, museum workers and artists has called for a ten-week strike against the Museum of Modern Art as a transitional period in which to dismiss its plutocratic board and reimagine the entire institution.

by Bernard Zirnheld

Museum of Modern Art, New York © Gorup de Besanez
Museum of Modern Art, New York © Gorup de Besanez
The International Imagination of Anti-National Anti-Imperialist Feelings (IIAAF) has announced a ten-week strike against MoMA from April 9 to June 11 . A collective of 12 activist organizations working with former MoMA employees, the IIAAF focuses not only on dismantling the 92-year-old institution but also on repairing the violent history that shaped the “modernity” MoMA celebrates. The IIAAF is acting to reveal how that same exploitation of people and land directly provided the wealth with… read more