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Study: 6 of the 10 healthiest nations of the planet live in Europe


According to Bloomberg, the healthiest nation is the Spaniards. The United States ranks 35th in the ranking.

Spain surpassed Italy and ranked first in the ranking of the healthiest countries in the world Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index 2019. In the past, the rankings, which was compiled in 2017, the Spaniards were in sixth place. Italians two years ago were considered the healthiest nation on the planet.

Bloomberg analysts ranked 169 countries using a 100-point system, according to life expectancy, including penalty points for risks such as smoking, obesity, etc. In addition, when compiling the rating, factors such as the environment, access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene conditions, and others were taken into account.

The result undoubtedly pleased the Europeans, because in the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index 2019 in the top ten of six European countries. In addition to Spain and Italy, this is Iceland (3rd place), Switzerland (5), which missed Japan by fourth; Sweden (6) and Norway (9). The top ten healthiest nations are also Australians (7), Singaporeans (8) and Israelis (10).

The Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in the European Union. According to this indicator, they are inferior according to the UN data only to the Japanese and Swiss. It is not surprising that according to the forecast of the Institute for Measuring Health Indicators and Health Assessment at the University of Washington (IHME), Spain will surpass Japan, Singapore and Switzerland by 2040 and will come out on top in life expectancy, which will come close to 86 years.

Scientists can cause many factors that affect health of a nation. One of the most “understandable” is nutrition. In the case of Spain and Italy, which occupy the first two places in the ranking, this is, of course, the famous Mediterranean diet in combination with olive oil and nuts, which can significantly reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases. By the way, the rest of the European Mediterranean countries also occupy high places: France - 12, Cyprus - 21, Portugal - 22, Greece - 26, Malta - 27.

Absence of American countries in the top ten is noteworthy. Only Canadians are in the top twenty, with 16th place. The next healthiest country in the Western Hemisphere is Cuba, which closes the third ten (30). The United States has fallen by one line compared to the previous rating and now occupies only 35th place. In the US, life expectancy is weak mainly due to drug addiction and a high suicide rate. In addition to the Cubans, the Americans also let forward the Chileans and Costa Ricans, who shared 33 and 34 places.

Experts believe that Cubans are superior to Americans due to the fact that Cuban medicine focuses on the prevention of disease, and the American one - on diagnosis and treatment.

Europeans dominate the ranking of the healthiest countries on the planet. There are only eight representatives of other continents in the first top thirty. The most impressive jump was made by South Korea, which occupies 17th place. The country made it to seven positions immediately compared to the 2017 rating.

Chinese doctors also have something to boast with. China, which has a population of almost 1.4 billion people, has risen to three places and occupies 52nd place in the 2019 ranking. Moreover, according to the above forecast, the IHME of China will surpass the life expectancy in the United States by 2040.

If you look at the last thirty Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index 2019, there is nothing surprising. 27 of the 30 most health-affected countries are located in Africa. Three more countries from the last thirty are Haiti, Afghanistan and Yemen.

source: bloomberg.com

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