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T-Mobile settles issue of merger with Sprint


T-Mobile has reached an agreement with the Mississippi authorities regarding the proposed merger with the rival company Sprint Corporation. This arrangement could put an end to the confrontation with a coalition of US states that insist that the deal is contrary to antitrust laws.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood admitted that the combined company will provide 5G technology to 62% of the state’s population, including rural areas, over a three-year period. 

A lawsuit against the merger began in July with a coalition of more than 12 states, including Texas, Oregon, Illinois, and the District of Columbia. They cited concerns about the risk of rising consumer prices due to lower levels of competition.

However, Mississippi’s move suggests that T-Mobile may be able to strengthen its position in the confrontation with other states, securing specific state guarantees in the field of wireless technology. This will play a role in a hearing that will be held in Manhattan in December.

T-Mobile and Sprint have received approval from the US Department of Justice's antitrust division after they agreed to sell the assets of Dish Network Corp. The companies are disputing the state’s allegations that this combination will stifle competition and raise prices.

source: reuters.com