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Technologies encourage development of remote work around the globe


According to a study by IWG, most qualified specialists in the world work from home at least one day a week. Experts say that in the future remote work and outsourcing will become more widespread.

ishane via flickr
ishane via flickr
The discussion that automation and artificial intelligence are cutting jobs has been going on for a long time. Increasingly more experts are stating that technology will not deprive people of jobs, but will change the very system of employment. One of the changes directly related to the development of technologies was the possibility of remote work.

Increasingly, work is becoming more flexible in terms of where and when a person can perform it. Analysts at the London Global Employment Institute (IBA) write: "The future world of work will require much more flexibility from employees. "Workplaces and working hours will vanish. According to a survey conducted in February by Upwork (a platform for finding remote work), 63% of US companies already have remote employees.

This week, the Luxembourg company IWG, which provides companies with office rental services, published a new study. It is based on a survey of 18,000 people from 96 countries.

According to the research, already now 70% of qualified specialists around the world work remotely at least once a week. 53% work remotely for at least half a week. 91% of the respondents believe that the flexibility of work enhances productivity. 83% think that this will also help increase the company's profits.

Other studies confirm the spread of remote work. A report released last year by the research company Gallup shows that the number of Americans working remotely increased from 39% in 2012 to 42% in 2016.

On Wednesday, the state of Vermont offered a grant of $ 10 thousand to those who move to the state and will work there for an employer located outside Vermont. The grant will be paid to the first 100 people who will move to the state from January 1, 2019. Such changes became possible only with the development of technology.

Among the most important necessary conditions for remote work, 84% of IWG respondents named the availability of high-quality and fast Internet access, 45% - a well-functioning smartphone, 37% - remote access to the server, 26% - a tablet, 17% - remote access to their own desktop.

At that, development of technology does not mean full automation. in 2016, McKinsey analysts studied 830 professions and came to conclusion that only 5% of them can be fully automated. We are talking about the so-called telepresence, when a person remotely observes the process and manages it, and the work itself is performed by a semi-automated system. Obviously, the possibility of telepresence also contributes to the spread of remote work.

The changes are not just about working remotely. Companies are hiring employees temporarily for specific orders, and some of the business processes are outsourced.

According to experts, one of the important circumstances is that remote work allows people to be hired around the world. So, 80% of those surveyed by IWG analysts believe that permission to work from anywhere in the world helps to recruit talented employees.

An important point is the fact that this approach allows reducing costs by saving on office rent. 

Many employees also consider a remote job more convenient. 81% of respondents believe that this option allows to keep the work-and-rest regime. According to the British jobsite Totaljobs, every fourth citizen of the UK (28%) is ready to change jobs, if the new place will have an opportunity to work remotely. In general, 65% of employees in the UK are working from home.


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