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Tehran Announced Readiness to Destroy Israel in Less than 25 Years


The commander of the Iranian army Ataollah Salehi said that his men are ready to destroy Israel in less than a quarter of a century - the local news agency Tasnim cites the army chief.

- We will definitely destroy Israel. We look forward to their attacks to break them in less than 25 years - said Major General Salehi in the interview. He also noted that the fall of Tel Aviv would have a positive impact on the United States, having saved the country from Israeli influence.
September 9, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Israel would not survive the next quarter-century - according to CNN.
Speaking in the mosque of Imam Khomeini in Tehran, Khamenei declared, "I would say to Israel that they will not survive the next 25 years. Inshallah, there will be no such thing as the Zionist regime in the world in a quarter century. Until then, the fighting jihadist and heroic spirit will not give a moment's peace to the Zionists." Quotes from the supreme leader soon appeared in his account on Twitter.
Commenting on the nuclear deal, Khamenei said: "We have agreed to negotiate with the Americans only on the nuclear issue and for important reasons, and, thank God, our negotiators have done their job well ... Some people try to present the Great Satan (the United States) as a savior angel. However, the Iranian people banished that Satan from their country; and now, when we kicked him out the door, we should not let him climb back through the window and regain power."
Khamenei’s statements has been criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During his meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Israeli Prime Minister said: "He clearly said that the United States is the Great Satan, and that Iran is going to destroy the state of Israel. That will not happen. Israel is a strong country, and will become even stronger. However, after the Tehran tyrant’s speech, it is hard to escape the conclusion: all responsible nations must work together to stop terrorism and Iranian aggression, which, to my regret, has only been increased as the result of the nuclear deal."
July 14 United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and Iran reached an agreement on Tehran's nuclear program. According to the agreement, the Islamic Republic is obliged not to enrich uranium to a level above 3.67 percent, and convert the Ford plant in a technology center during the next five years.
In exchange, the sanctions will be lifted from Tehran. They can be returned if Iran does not fulfill its obligations.
The Great Satan is a definition first voiced by the spiritual and political leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution Ayatollah Khomeini. He also called the Soviet Union "Lesser Satan" and Israel - "Little Satan."

source: tasnimnews.com