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Terrorist Threats Extinguishes Belgian Firework Show Welcoming The New Year


Two men were put behind bars for plotting attacks in Belgium, whereby the country cancels all its New Year functions.

Following an incident, wherein two men were taken into police custody for “plotting attacks on ‘symbolic targets’”, Belgium muffles down its New Year excitements.
Likewise, the fireworks besides other “public celebrations” welcoming the New Year have been cancelled in Brussels. The authorities have taken this measure suspecting a terrorist attack possibility.
According to BBC news, the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, informed that the local government and the nation in unison decided to “belay festivities” based on prior information.
The two men who “allegedly” planned attacks were “detained” a few days ago. The targets of the attacks were “symbolic” throughout “Brussels on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day”. In fact, two more people were arrested yesterday in Turkey for being under suspicions of being linked with “Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria”.
It is believed that there are plans of launching “suicide attacks”, whereby interrupting the New Year celebrations in the Turkish capital Ankara”. In fact, after the Paris terror attack, Belgium has remained on “high alert”.