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The Biggest Pension Fund In The World Is Looking At Investing In Bitcoin.


The Biggest Pension Fund In The World Is Looking At Investing In Bitcoin.
The government pension fund in Japan announced on Tuesday that, as part of its investigation into possible new investments, it is seeking information on "illiquidity assets," including bitcoin.
The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) of Japan, which holds the title of largest pension fund globally in terms of assets under management based on multiple rankings, has stated that it is seeking "basic information" regarding illiquid assets apart from its current portfolio.
According to GPIF, its current investments include real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and both local and foreign equities and bonds. It is currently searching for data regarding other assets that could be added to pension fund portfolios, like farms, forests, gold, and bitcoin.
It is not apparent that GPIF intends to make any cryptocurrency or bitcoin investments.
Days after bitcoin reached an all-time high and after the largest cryptocurrency in the world had increased in value by over 130% in the past year, GPIF released their statement.
The introduction of bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the United States this year has drawn inflows of billions of dollars, which is partially responsible for the rally.
Pension funds have been extremely hesitant to engage in cryptocurrencies because of their volatility. Despite this, some have dabbled, with the National Pension Service in South Korea purchasing Coinbase shares last year.
The Japanese government put out a bill in February that, if approved, would let investment funds to hold digital assets such as cryptocurrency.