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The Cheaper Model 3 Of Tesla Now Available In Europe And China


The Cheaper Model 3 Of Tesla Now Available In Europe And China
The cheaper versions of the Model 3 electric cars from the United States electric car making company Tesla has now been opened up for sale in the European markets and China. This is the model that the car maker has pinned its hope on to break its jinx in the industry and become profitable.
Late last year, bookings and deliveries for the pricier Model 3 version had been opened up in Europe and China by Tesla which included only the two top end versions of the model – the Long Range Dual Motor AWD and Model 3 Performance.
According to reports and predictions by analysts and market experts, those two upper end models of Model 3 from Tesla were enough to make the model the best-selling electric car in a number of European markets. They also have the potential to become even the best-selling car period in markets such as Norway and Switzerland within just a few weeks of opening up delivery.
The US firm is now making its Model 3 Standard Range Plus also available to consumers in those markets.
The line up of vehicles that Tesla is offering in North America and the other markets is now similar with respect to its Model 3 versions after the company altered some options in the Model 3 which mean that the automaker has moved away from several versions of the Model 3 which included the promised base $35,000 Model 3.
Tesla is currently offering only Standard Range Plus together with the Long Range AWD and Performance variants following its decision to omit the Mid-Range and Long-Range RWD Model 3.
Customers would still have the option of ordering the other versions but as “off-the-menu” items, but that’s now Tesla’s main Model 3 lineup, the company said.
Tesla’s introduction of the Standard Range Plus version is the European market is the cheapest car form the company that it is offering in the market. for example, 377,020 Kroners is the starting price of the Model 3 in Norway that is equivalent to about $44,375.
However, the new lease program is the only element that is not common between the US and the European market. it is apparently not being offered to customers in Europe.  
Customers in Europe are not being offered the range and versions of Tesla’s cars that is available for consumers in North America since last year and even though some of those models and versions can apparently be ordered as “off-the-menu” items, there is no clarity about how it would be possible because Tesla has already announced its plans for streamlining its entire production process.
That said, it is fact that the base price of the Model 3 in Europe is being reduced by the entry of the Standard Range Plus which has the potential to significantly increase demand of the model in the European market.

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