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The French people voted for Labour Reforms, there is no turning back: French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe


The French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe gently reminded protestors if this year’s election verdict is of any indication, the French people want Labour Reforms.

On Wednesday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stated while would make efforts to address the core concerns of demonstrations against his planned labour reforms, he would push to ensure their enactment, since they are a necessity.
Thousands of left-leaning trade unionists marched through France on Tuesday against Macron’s proposed labour law reforms. Their turnouts though have diminished in numbers, in comparison to previous years.
Last month, after weeks of negotiations, the French government had set out measures, which including a greater freedom on companies for managing their human resources, as well as a cap on payouts for dismissals that are judged as being unfair.
According to Philippe, while he is paying close attention to the protests, this year’s election verdict was amply clear – French citizens want these reforms.
“I am listening and I am paying attention. But let me allow myself to state that the French, when they vote, also have a right to be treated with respect. And the reform that we are putting in place, it was announced by the President at the time of the election,” said Philippe to France 2 television.