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The Hôtel Drouot Reopens for the Season with the “Oeuvres Choisies”


The opening of the Drouot season is marked by "Oeuvres Choisies", on view from September 21 – 23 in Room 9, a particularly sumptuous selection of aristocratic finery as well as some choice memorabilia from French celebrities past and present.

photo by Tom Taylor
photo by Tom Taylor
Two great collections of French silver literally shine in the exhibition. Marcel Sztejnberg  has spent nearly a lifetime assembling examples of regional French production of the 15th through 18th centuries. The pieces are often of curious form and ornamental treatment, reflecting taste beyond Paris, with most bearing clear hallmarks and crests that document manufacture and ownership. Perhaps the most unusual piece on display—and one of the costliest—is an 18th-century traveler's necessary in gilt silver. Click here to read more!