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The Information Claims That Elon Musk Is Developing An xAI Supercomputer.


The Information Claims That Elon Musk Is Developing An xAI Supercomputer.
The Information published a story on Saturday stating a presentation given to investors by American billionaire Elon Musk, who recently informed them that his artificial intelligence firm, xAI, intends to construct a supercomputer to power the next iteration of its AI chatbot, Grok.
According to the source, Musk stated that he hopes to have the planned supercomputer operational by the autumn of 2025 and mentioned that xAI and Oracle may collaborate to build the enormous machine.
xAI could not be reached for comment at this time.
There were no comments on the issue available from Oracle.
The Information quoted Musk from a May presentation and stated that when finished, the interconnected chip clusters—Nvidia's flagship H100 graphics processing units (GPUs)—would be at least four times larger than the largest GPU clusters now in use.
The market for AI data centre chips is dominated by Nvidia's H100 series of powerful GPUs, which are in great demand and can be challenging to get.
In an attempt to take on Alphabet's Google and Microsoft-backed OpenAI, Musk established xAI last year. Alongside, Musk co-founded OpenAI.
Musk stated earlier this year that around 20,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs were needed for training the Grok 2 model, and that 100,000 Nvidia H100 chips will be needed for training the Grok 3 model and beyond.