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The Louvre and Cy Twombly: The Ceiling of Discord


The squabble between the Louvre and the Cy Twombly Foundation over the renovation of the Salle des Bronzes, whose ceiling the artist frescoed in 2010, might be a run-in whose full flavor is only relished by Parisians and New Yorkers.

by Vincent Noce

© Commons Wikimedia
© Commons Wikimedia
The American foundation has demanded an “immediate correction” by the Louvre  of the dark red (actually brown with a carmine patina) now on the walls, which, it believes, violates Twombly’s airy 2010 painting. The foundation is intent on going to court if necessary: the judges would be called upon to delimit the scope of copyright within an architectural setting. Are the artist’s moral rights, which are imprescriptible, limited to the work itself (which has not been touched), or can they extend to any setting that inspired it, freezing it for eternity?