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The U.S. Ramps Up Weapon Sales To Taiwan


The congress could soon expect notification for multiple weapon system sale to Taiwan, revealed sources to Reuters.

The United States aims to trade “seven weapon systems” with Taiwan, while the systems contain “mines, cruise missiles and drones”. This information was provided by “four people familiar with the discussions”, reported Reuters. This step would add to the pressure on China from Trump administration.
Simultaneously pursuit of the “seven sales” marks a rare stance of the U.S. ever seen in the past as earlier military sales to Taiwan were spread across longer period of time frame besides being “carefully calibrated to minimize tensions with Beijing”. However, the administration under the president Trump seems to show more aggression towards “China in 2020”.
The timing of the sales happens to coincide with a time when “Beijing and Washington” ties are going through their “lowest point in decades”. The lingering trade-war, spying accusation and allegation on China over spreading COVID-19 virus has led to the present tension between both the countries.
On the other hand, following the re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen in January, Taiwan has been more active on weapon purchase as a measure of top priority to strengthen its defence. According to Reuters reports:
“Taiwan is China’s most sensitive territorial issue. Beijing says it is a Chinese province, and has denounced the Trump administration’s support for the island”.
Washington is also eager to build military forces to counter balance Beijing’s military’s “increasingly aggressive moves” towards Taiwan, informed Reuters whereby adding that the Defence Ministry of Taiwan has dismissed them to be “media assumption” as the country had carried out “weapons purchase talks and assessments in a low-key, confidential way”. Therefore, the formal announcement can only be expected after the U.S. notifies “any sales to Congress”.
Likewise, three familiar sources revealed that the weapon packages, from “Lockheed Martin Co LMT.N, Boeing BA.N and General Atomics”, were being moved into export processes, while the notice to the Congress could be expected within weeks’ time.