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The US go hunting for Panamanian tax fraudsters


American prosecutors decided to start their own investigation into the information contained in the so-called Panamanian files. The Ministry’s officials have appealed for help to reporters published these data to discuss the investigation.

Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara informed the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism and the cooperating media about the start of a criminal investigation into the income and assets presumably hidden in Panama. The letter also states that the Prosecutor's Office investigators would be very grateful if the consortium’s staff involved in the investigation or its representative can meet with them and discuss relevant information. Although the "Panamanian dossier" published to date is mainly a question of the European and Asian citizens, the US authorities have paid attention to the leak as well.

In early April, US President Barack Obama said that the Panama scandal was "another reminder of what a global problem the tax evasion is." "The corporations that can afford to use lawyers and experts in the financial statements, and may hold such tax deal, are playing the entire system," - said the US president.

The published "Panamanian files" mention more than 200 US citizens. Among them is financier Benjamin Wei, who has previously been accused of fraud with securities and money laundering. On Monday, it became known that US Tax Service is carrying out its own investigation into the "Panamanian files". In addition, tax authorities advised US citizens to disclose information on the use of offshore companies before tax authorities themselves will get to know it. "People hiding their assets in offshore must recognize that the situation is changing, and the world has witnessed obvious progress in the area of disclosure of tax information, - said the tax service in a statement. - Now the best way to get out of this situation is to tell everything and take part in a special program of our service for voluntary disclosure of information about the presence in the offshore. " 

source: theguardian.com