Daily Management Review

The need to fully implement Sustainable Development Goals so that our children have a future.


Given the dire state of affairs of our natural resources which are being used without any plan or consideration for future generations, the United Nations has proposed certain SDGs which will ensure a sustainable future.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be key requirement for any kind of development. They will be used to set the agenda for international developments for the next 15 years. They will also replace the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals which expires in 2015. For the very first time, these goals could potentially bring about a system of accountability and transparency in the way the world uses its water resources.
In fact, goal 6 specifically has specific targets related to water usage so as to make it efficient and sustainable. Goal 6 also proposes specific targets of water usages for sanitation, improvement of water quality and protection of critical natural infrastructures.
Currently there is a lack of systemic approach towards water usage. Take for example the following scenario wherein water is equated to money. Money is deposited and withdrawn from your bank account, but both the quantum of deposit and withdrawal are unknown to you. Further, although you may know that there is likely to be an increase in the outflow of money from your accounts, you have no clue as to its date, duration and quantum.
These are not absurd scenarios, whipped up by a wild imagination. Such is the actual condition and state of affairs of our water resources. This is the scenario that plays out every day with our fresh water resources. We are not aware as to how much ground water we are drawing and consuming. In fact we are not even fully aware as to what is our total ground and surface water reserves.
What we are increasingly aware of is the fact the ecosystems, energy, food and ultimately, we, as a species, cannot survive on this planet without water. As we all know, water is the source of life. And currently water resources are being strained to its breaking point. For example, in northern China, western US, north western India, and Sao Paula, water resources need to be urgently managed before it is too late.
But water just one resource that’s on the agenda that world leaders will discuss this fall. There are 17 goals on the agenda that needs urgent looking into. From human health (goal 3), to the health of cities (goal 11), sustainable production and consumption (goal 12) to our planet’s ecosystem (goal 15), all of these need our urgent focus and management. We are the stakeholders of the planet’s resources, we need to ensure their better management.
In order to push and goad countries into an actionable plan for better utilizations of the planet’s resources, the United Nations has proposed certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is not enough to just agree on principles, the time has now come to walk the talk.
Thus, the implementation of the new SDGs will definitely quite a challenge, given the current state of our water resources. However, even if they are partially implemented it will comparatively mitigate the world’s freshwater crisis. It will also foster growth, build resilient ecosystems, reduce poverty and provide a more sustainable future for our children.