Daily Management Review

These Things Are Cheaper Now Than Prior To The Covid-19 Pandemic


While most of the things have got costlier during and with the reduction in Covid-19 cases throughout the world, there are certain items that actually are still cheaper than when the pandemic started last year in February 2020.
The start of the pandemic resulted in enhancement of the trend of work from home and therefore this shift in working pattern resulted in people purchasing less of suits and dresses and instead purchased sweatpants and T-shirts. But with reopening of offices and restaurants in many countries and people going out of their homes more frequently than at the height of the pandemic, consumers are also revamping their wardrobe. With the inventory of both men's and women's apparel being high because of no sale during the pandemic and lockdowns, these are now less expensive than pre-pandemic.
Another change that was induced by the pandemic was that of staying home which meant there was virtually no mass transit. But with the increase in vaccination rates, more of trains and buses are plying and is becoming the norm once again. However the prices of such mass transit still remains lower than in February of 2020. Therefore even though the prices for foods and drinks at restaurants could be higher than before, getting to and from the restaurant in mass transit still remains lower than February last year.
There has also been a slight lowering of prices for watching sports in stadiums because those countries that have allowed holding of sports and games in stadiums, they are allowing only completely vaccinated people and therefore the number of in-person attendance is lower than before the pandemic. However the costs are marginally lower than pre pandemic.
Another trend that was observed during the pandemic was a huge rise in demand for pets and pet supplies with people seeking some engagement while hunkering down home during the pandemic.  But with the countries opening up and people being allowed to step out of their homes, that demand has come down somewhat, reports also pointed out that pets' toy basket and supplies is lower than in February last year. Reports stated that pets and pet product prices are still marginally lower than February last year .
The pandemic also forced people to focus more on health care than before. With people staying back during the pandemic, preventative doctor's visits and healthcare also reduced.
That has resulted in medical care commodities, including all medicinal drugs and other medical supplies, still remaining lower now than in February 2020
More specifically, medicinal drugs, which encompass both prescription and over-the-counter medicine, still remain lower than February last year. So were prescription drug prices over the past year and a half. The biggest drop in prices was in medical equipment and supplies that includes items like dressings, contraceptives, heating pads and wheel chairs.