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TikTok to deliver ready-to-eat meals in the US


TikTok is set to enter a new market: the delivery of ready-to-eat meals in the US. The company has found a partner to create a network of 'dark kitchens' that will cook 'tiktok pasta', 'pasta chips' and other dishes popular on the social network.

Video platform TikTok has agreed on a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, a company that helps celebrities and bloggers enter the restaurant market, Bloomberg reported. The partnership involves creation of a network of "dark kitchens" in the United States called TikTok Kitchen to prepare meals for delivery. They will start opening in March and should be more than 1,000 by the end of the year, said Virtual Dining Concepts co-founder Robert Earle. 

Previously, Virtual Dining Concepts helped YouTube blogger Jimmy Donaldson launch MrBeast Burger, a chain of dark kitchens for fast food. The chain launched in autumn 2020 and now has 1,500 locations in the US, Canada and the UK. 

According to Earle, the success of TikTok will be similar. "The numbers show that this platform has a billion consistently engaged visitors a month. This is the first time we have a brand with an audience of hundreds of millions of people," he explained.

The TikTok Kitchen menu will be based on the most popular dishes on the TikTok social network. This will include pasta with baked feta cheese ("tiktok pasta"), which has been voted by Google as the most popular dish of 2021, "pasta chips" and "corn ribs".

source: bloomberg.com