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Top 7 green energy innovators


Environmental protection has become one of the key issues on the world agenda in recent years.

World leaders admit the need to take action to avoid negative consequences and slow down climate change. However, not all countries successfully manage to comply with all requirements to maintain a clean environment. Moreover, measures to preserve the environment, as a rule, require innovative technologies, which means serious investments.

ITIF experts ranked the countries that invest more than others in energy innovations and thus help preserve the environment.

1. Norway

Index: 15.5

Norway has become a leader in the ranking, as this country invests more than others in the development of innovative solutions that contribute to the protection of the environment. The country is investing in research and scientific development, as well as in implementation of innovative technologies. In addition, there is not only implementation, but also a visual demonstration and informing the population about measures and their goals.

2. Finland

Index: 14.8

Finland ranks second in terms of environmental innovation and investment. The study assessed not only scientific developments, but also decisions in the field of public policy, taxation and the social sphere.

3. Japan

Index: 13.7

Japan takes the third place in the rating, which includes 23 countries in total. All of them invest in the development of innovations in the field of ecology. However, experts emphasize that it is necessary to increase investments, since their level is currently too low.

4. USA

Index: 13.3

The United States continues to be the leader in overall environmental spending. Recently, however, the country has seen an inverse trend. Donald Trump announced that his country would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. In 2018, the country invested $ 6.8 billion, more than Japan and China combined.

5. France

Index: 13.2

France has taken on the role of an international leader in pollution control. It is here that world leaders signed the important Paris Agreement, which, according to experts, should have an important impact on the attitude of the world community to ecology and environmental protection.

6. Canada

Index: 12.7

Canada is another country where the government is investing in innovative environment-friendly technologies. The study notes that the main driving force behind innovation is primarily the governments of individual countries, which can contribute to the development of innovative technologies, as well as provide financial support, including tools such as subsidies.

source: itif.org

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Top 7 green energy innovators

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