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TotalEnergies will cap fuel price at gas stations in France


According to a statement from the French energy business TotalEnergies, the company would support efforts to keep gasoline prices at its French gas stations at €1.99 per litre through the end of the year.

"In the current context of rising fuel prices, TotalEnergies maintains its commitment to motorists and guarantees that petrol and diesel prices will not exceed €1.99 per litre at all its 3,400 petrol stations until the end of the year," the release reads.

The company's 2200 gas stations already provide discounted fill-ups. TotalEnergies put these measures in place on March 1 after French President Emmanuel Macron urged oil companies to reinstate fuel discounts to aid residents facing rising inflation and energy prices.

France's gasoline costs have increased recently. According to the government's pledges, fuel shouldn't cost more than €2 per liter at a handful of gas stations.

source: ft.com