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Toyota is introducing cargo robots for transporting assembled cars at Toyota Motor plant


According to Sankei, the robot merely loads assembled cars onto its platform and transports them to a transloading location for delivery to dealers.

Michelle Grimord Eggers
Michelle Grimord Eggers
Toyota Motor Corporation has begun to use cargo robots for the delivery of freshly manufactured and finished passenger automobiles. According to the Sankei newspaper, the first such unit has begun operations at the company's plant in Motomachi (Aichi Prefecture).

Only newly manufactured automobiles are placed on this robot's platform, and it transports them to the transshipment facility for delivery to dealerships.

To explore the factory, the device makes use of an autonomous navigation system that leverages satellite positioning. The Motomachi plant will have ten of these cargo robots operational by the end of 2024. Their use will be gradually expanded to other Toyota Motor plants.

The Motomati company already has an experimental workshop where the assembly of automobiles is done without the use of a traditional conveyor belt and the vehicles drive autonomously along a predetermined path. In 2026, this approach will be widely adopted, reducing the number of production activities and the amount of equipment investment needed by half.

source: sankei.com