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Trump allocates 4.6 bln to help migrants


US President Donald Trump has signed a bill to allocate $ 4.6 billion to solve problems with immigrants at the US-Mexico border, the Associated Press reported.

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“This is a humane solution to a huge problem that started because of our bad immigration laws,” Trump said.

Democratic lawmakers were counting on a large amount to ensure the rights of migrants in places of detention, as well as to help parliamentarians to carry out inspections there. At the same time, the White House threatened to block the aid package altogether, therefore Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi agreed to the option proposed by the Republicans.

The bill sets health and nutrition standards for migrants in custody, as well as other measures to control US immigration agencies after reports of poor conditions at detention centers.

Trump expressed his satisfaction with the adopted document, but again criticized the situation with migration to the United States. He promised to continue the raids to identify illegal migrants and deport them. "After July 4, many will be returned (to their homeland)," the US president promised.

source: apnews.com