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Trump allows possibility of complete break in economic cooperation with China


US President Donald Trump said that he does not rule out a complete cessation of economic cooperation with China under certain conditions.

“If they don’t treat us right, I will certainly do it,” he told Fox News in response to the host's question if the American economy could be allowed to separate from the Chinese economy.

According to the American leader, the American economy is suffering huge losses because of Beijing.

"There was no country that robbed us more than China. We are losing billions, hundreds of billions of dollars. We are not receiving anything from China. Yes, we are getting some goods that we could produce ourselves... But that's all we do, that we are losing money," Trump said.

At the same time, he stated that he did not want to "set the world on fire right now."

In addition, Trump has once again warned that if Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins in the upcoming presidential election, "China will own our country."

In early 2020, the United States and China signed the first phase of a trade agreement and announced the start of negotiations on the second phase, but since then relations between the two countries have deteriorated significantly. In May, Trump threatened to cut all ties with China, accusing Beijing of not doing enough to stop the coronavirus pandemic. The problems in relations between the two countries intensified after Beijing's decision to introduce a new national security law in Hong Kong.

One of Trump's latest moves against China was the announcement of plans to ban the activities of Chinese companies in the United States, including the e-commerce giant Alibaba. Earlier, he signed decrees requiring the Chinese company ByteDance to abandon the operation of the TikTok application in the United States, arguing that this activity could threaten the national security of the United States.

source: foxnews.com