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Trump files a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One


US President Donald Trump and those close to him filed a lawsuit against Capital One and Deutsche Bank, NBC News reported.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
Intelligence and Financial Services Committees of the US House of Representatives have requested information about Trump's finances and the business of these banks with Russia. The list of banks to which requests are sent are Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank, which has been doing business with Trump for two decades.

Trump's lawsuit was filed with the Southern District of New York in order to prevent Deutsche Bank and other banks from submitting claimants ’finances to the US Congress and blocking requests sent to financial institutions.

“Requests were sent to harass President Trump in order to delve into his personal finances, his affairs and the personal information of President and his family, as well as to search for any materials that could be used to inflict political damage. There is no reason to establish a goal other than political, "- the lawsuit notes.

Claimants allege that requests are invalid and have no legal force.

In early April, Democrat Richard Neal, Head of the US House of Representatives tax committee, asked for Trump's tax returns for 2013-2018 from the US tax authorities. The deadline for response is April 10. However, Head of the US Treasury Department, Steven Mnuchin, who is in charge of the tax service, said it was impossible to consider the request within these time limits. According to Mnuchin, this is an unprecedented case, and the Ministry of Finance is negotiating with the Ministry of Justice.

Democrats who control the US House of Representatives are conducting financial investigations against Trump. The White House said earlier that Democrats will never get Trump's tax records.

Trump hired law firm Consovoy McCarthy Park, which intends to defend President’s right not to disclose the tax return. Lawyers have already sent a letter to the US Treasury that there is no legal basis for disclosing this data.

source: nbcnews.com