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Turkey finds large deposits of rare-earth elements


Turkey discovered rare earth element reserves that are sufficient to supply the world for a thousand years.

The Türkiye daily announced on Monday that rare-earth elements (REE) have been found in Eskisehir, Turkey, with reserves large enough to supply the world's needs for 1,000 years.

"In Eskisehir, rare-earth elements amounting to 694 million tons have been found. Upon processing, they will provide the economy of the nation with billions of dollars. Turkey's REE reserves, according to Metin Cekic, a board member of the Istanbul Mineral and Metal Exporters Association (IMIB), can provide the world's needs for 1,000 years," the message states.

"Additionally, it will give our local populace jobs. Our nation will be able to compete with the world's top nations once our mines are excavated," he said.

source: turkiyenewspaper.com