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Turkish Airlines will send foreign pilots on six months' unpaid leave


Foreign pilots of Turkish Airlines will be sent on an unpaid leave, reports Bloomberg citing the company’s email to several its employees.

Papas Dos
Papas Dos
The firm did not specify how many employees this step will affect, although it is now known that the leave will start on November 1 and will last no less than six months. 

Similarly to other airlines, Turkish Airlines has been hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic and closures of borders. The company finished the Q2 with a net loss of USD280 million. The number of passengers fell by nearly two-thirds compared to 2019. 

At that, Turkish Airlines refused assistance of the government and stated that it was not going to cut the staff number. Instead, employees of the airline were subject to temporary cuts in salary at around 50% for pilots in particular. 

Earlier in summer, the aviation authorities of Turkey asked local air carriers to consider giving priority to the dismissal of foreign employees.

source: bloomberg.com