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Twitter Gets ‘An Invitation To Move To Germany’


Amid shut down threats from the U.S. President, Germany has opened doors for Twitter.

Germany will be open for Twitter, in case the U.S. President decides to act on his threats of closing it down, reports Reuters. President Trump has threatened to shut down the California-based company after it advised one of its users to check out the fact of his tweets.
Following this step of the U.S. President, a senior official from Germany posted a “light-hearted tweet” saying that the above mentioned social platform will do better in Europe. Thomas Jarzombek is the point-person for the start-up economy of Berlin, who tweeted:
“This is an invitation to move to Germany!”
“Here you are free to criticize the government as well as to fight fake news. We have a great startup and tech ecosystem, your company would be a perfect fit and I will open any doors for you!”
There are expectations of legally reviewed orders coming from the President following the objection of “Twitter’s handling of tweets by the president” which “made unsubstantiated claims about fraud in mail-in voting”, informed Reuters. What appears to be the first of such step, the microblogging site “issued an advisory” two days ago for the facts to be checked on “Trump’ tweets”.
However, the offer made by Jarzombek seems contrasting with the existing “testy relationship” between Germany and the “U.S. social media giants”, for the latter was subject to fines worth nearly “50 million euros”, equivalent to “$55 million” in case of failure to “quickly remove hateful content from their sites”. Furthermore, Reuters added:
“But Europe’s largest economy is also keen to establish itself as a hub for tech entrepreneurship and Twitter Inc would be the ultimate catch”.