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U.S. artillery strike wipes out ISIS mortar position in Mosul: Pentagon


The precision strike wiped out the enemy while inflicting limited damage to the adjacent schools nearby.

In the fight towards eradicating the plague that is ISIS, the U.S. military has disclosed that an artillery strike by its coalition in the Iraqi city of Mosul, has struck an ISIS mortar position placed next to two empty schools.
The buildings were been used to target Iraqi security forces.
The Combined Joint Strike Force said in a statement that no civilians in the area were killed. Damage to the buildings in the area where only minimal.
Buildings such as mosques, schools, and hospitals, are protected under international law.
"While the Coalition takes extraordinary effort to protect civilians and strike appropriate military targets, we will continue to strike ISIL wherever and whenever our partner's lives are in danger in accordance with the Law of Armed Conflict," reads the statement from the Combined Joint Strike Force.
ISIL is an acronym used to reference the Islamic State.


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