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U.S. sends first batch of $13M-worth energy equipment to Ukraine


According to Reuters, which cited U.S. authorities, energy equipment worth $13 million has been sent from the United States to Ukraine. Places and names were kept secret. This week, another two planes carrying supplies are anticipated to be dispatched.

Spc. Joshua Leonard via flickr
Spc. Joshua Leonard via flickr
The assistance represents the initial installment of $53 million in previously announced American help. Due to power disruptions, Ukraine has asked its allies for assistance.

When Russia started launching large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine's territory in October, electricity issues in the country started to emerge. The initial explanation for the attacks was that the Crimean bridge had been undermined.

Energy facilities were identified as targets by the Russian Defense Ministry. There are issues with the power supply in several cities and regions, including Kiev. The majority of the high-voltage grid facilities—40%—as well as all thermal and hydroelectric power plants have been damaged, the authorities said.

source: reuters.com