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U.S. to announce $3 billion defense package for Ukraine in six months


According to Reuters, which cited an anonymous official of Joe Biden administration, the United States will unveil a new $3 billion military aid package for Ukraine on Wednesday, August 24. This will be the largest tranche for Kiev in six months.

The Presidential Administration of Ukraine
The Presidential Administration of Ukraine
The aid program is expeted to arrive on August 24, Ukraine's Independence Day. It makes use of money provided by Congress through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

Instead of seizing weapons from existing weapons supplies, USAI enables the Biden administration to buy weapons from the military sector.

According to the official, the new arms shipments are not likely to include weapons that have not previously been provided to the Ukrainian army.

These will mainly be ammunition and air defense systems.  It could take months to deliver the weapons to Europe, and the number and composition of weapons could change before the new aid package is officially announced.

source: reuters.com