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UBS expects growth in equity and bond markets in 2024


According to the chief investment officer of UBS Wealth Management, growth in China may be lower but "of probably better quality" in 2024, while the US economy will slow down in 2024 but not to negative levels. Growth in Europe will also continue to be sluggish.

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Advantus Media Inc. and QuoteInspector.com
UBS's baseline scenario for 2024 predicts that both the equity and bond markets would have positive returns because of the slowing U.S. economy, declining inflation, and lowered expectations for interest rates, all of which will contribute to lower bond yields and support equities.

Companies will be able to maintain their current level of earnings performance since the US is not experiencing a severe recession, according to UBS.

The S&P 500 index would complete the year at 4,700 points in this scenario, up from 4,502 points at Wednesday's close. The yield on US 10-year government bonds would drop to 3.5 percent, and the euro would rise to 1.12 percent from its current value of 1.085 percent.

source: ft.com