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UK authorities cut stake in NatWest bank below 27 per cent


The United Kingdom government has lowered its ownership position in NatWest, the old Royal Bank of Scotland, from 27.93% to 26.95%.

Emily Alexandra
Emily Alexandra
Currently, the state owns 9.4 billion shares. According to MarketWatch, its estimated worth is 30 billion pounds ($37.6 billion) based on Friday's closing quotes.

One of the biggest banks in the nation, Royal Bank of Scotland, was nationalized during the 2008 financial crisis. The taxpayer paid £45.5 billion for the bank's financial bailout in return for 81% of the bank's shares.

The British government's investment manager in the bank, U.K. Government Investments Ltd. (UKGI), started to progressively sell its assets. UKGI declared in April 2023 that the plan to sell NatWest's securities would now run until August 2025, having been extended for an additional two years. August 2023 was the prior estimated completion date for the realization.

source: marketwatch.com