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UK begins importing LNG from Australia


In the midst of a European energy crisis, the United Kingdom has begun importing liquefied natural gas from Australia, according to information from the energy analyst firm Kpler, according to Bloomberg news agency.

Australia has not provided LNG to Europe since 2016, according to the agency.

The Attalos LNG ship, according to the business, is sailing from Australia to the United Kingdom. The agency states that the ship will touch down in Britain on August 22. The U.S., Peru, and Qatar are the usual sources of LNG imports for Britain and Europe.

Due to the "economic impracticality of a long voyage and typically strong demand from Asian purchasers," shipments from the Asia-Pacific region are uncommon.

The West boosted sanctions pressure on Russia, which resulted in higher costs for food, fuel, and power in Europe and the US.

source: bloomberg.com