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UK to transfer majority of taxpayers to electronic filing by 2023


The UK plans to almost completely transfer taxpayers to electronic filing of tax returns from April 2023, according to a statement from the country's Treasury.

GoSimpleTax via flickr
GoSimpleTax via flickr
The changes are being introduced as part of a phased program to digitize the tax system, which began in 2019. Currently, companies with a turnover of more than 85 thousand pounds sterling report to the tax office in electronic format; small businesses and self-employed citizens can file returns both electronically and in paper form.

It is expected that from April 2022 the program will be extended to all companies with a turnover of less than 85 thousand pounds, and from April 2023 it will apply to taxpayers whose income or property taxes exceed 10 thousand pounds per year.

More than 1.4 million taxpayers are now reporting digitally, according to the UK Internal Revenue Service.

source: bbc.co.uk