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UK watchdog suspects Google of unfair competition


Google is being investigated by the UK Competition and Markets Authority. The firm is suspected of engaging in unethical actions in the marketing technology stack area, according to the agency.

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"The advertising technology stack is a set of services that makes it easier for sellers (content providers) and buyers to operate in the internet advertising space". Google has a very strong presence at multiple levels of the advertising technology stack, for which it charges both publishers and purchasers, according to a statement from the UK watchdog.

As a result, the Competition and Markets Authority is conducting investigations into three major links in the chain, in each of which Google controls the largest service provider. The government wants to know if the company's operations are in violation of competition laws.

The regulator is also concerned that the US company may have illegally utilized its server and platforms to bolster its own ad-sharing services while discriminating against competitors, according to the statement.

source: bbc.co.uk