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UN Secretary General calls on developed countries to allocate up to 0.20% of national income to help neighbors


According to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, developed nations must keep their promise to assist the least developed nations. He demanded that 0.15 to 0.20 percent of nations’ gross domestic product be set aside to aid less fortunate countries.

Karwai Tang
Karwai Tang
"It is also time for developed countries to fulfill their promise to provide 0.15-0.20% of their total national income for official development assistance to least developed countries," António Guterres said at the opening of a conference on the development of least developed countries in Qatar.

According to him, the least developed countries have found themselves in a challenging position against a backdrop of crisis, uncertainty, climatic chaos, and profound global injustice. These nations, according to Mr. Guterres, have struggled to keep up with "lightning-fast technological advances."

Mr. Guterres recalled that the UN is dedicated to the objective of persuading member states to provide developing countries with at least $500 billion annually.

source: un.org