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UN To Exercise Strict Nuclear Security Under The Convention


The coming month will see the Convention rules being implicated to observe nuclear security within the countries who have adopted it.

From next month onwards over hundred companies will have to maintain “higher standards on the protection of nuclear facilities and materials”, reported the United Nations on the 8th of April 2016.
On the same day, Nicaragua completed its formal “ratification of an amendment to the Convention” that deals with the “Physical Protection of Nuclear Material”, whereby putting enough support from various states so as to take the same into force, while the Chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano stated:
"(The amendment) will help reduce the risk of a terrorist attack involving nuclear material, which could have catastrophic consequences”.
As many as hundred fifty two countries adopted the convention almost ten years ago. However, two thirds of them had to ratify it for it to be effective. The intention of the amendment is provide protection against threats like sabotage and smuggling, whereby the countries are bound by law to “protect nuclear facilities as well as the domestic use, storage and transportation of nuclear material”.
The amendment also provides the scope for “broader cooperation” between the countries so as to facilitate a smooth function for locating and restoring any “smuggled nuclear material”. According to Reuters report:
“The convention and amendment are only binding on countries that have ratified them, an IAEA spokesman said. Amano said last month more work was needed to make the requirement universal.
“The United States, Russia, India, Pakistan and former Soviet republics including Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are among the countries that have ratified the amendment, according to the IAEA. Those that have not include Iran and North Korea”.


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