Daily Management Review

UN and World Bank estimate damage to Gaza Strip infrastructure at $18.5 billion


A joint report from the World Bank and the UN detailed the harm done to vital infrastructure in the Gaza Strip during the war. The organizations valued it at $18.5 billion. According to the document, this corresponds to 97% of the West Bank's and Gaza Strip's GDP in 2022.

"The results show that residential buildings suffered the most damage in monetary terms (72%), followed by trade, industry and services infrastructure (9%)," reads the paper.

As of the end of January, $13.2 billion had been damaged to residential properties and $1.6 billion to commercial assets. An estimated $628 million has been lost in agricultural, $553 million in medicine, and $502 million in water supplies. In addition, the sectors of transportation, energy, culture, and education suffered damages totaling over $100 million.

Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement have been at war since October 7, 2023. While Israel declared roughly 1.4 thousand killed, Palestinian officials put the death toll closer to over 32,000. A resolution calling for a truce in Gaza during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was approved by the UN Security Council on March 25.

source: reuters.com