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UN requests $46.4B for its humanitarian operations


The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs stated on its website that the UN has asked for $46.4 billion for its humanitarian operations in 2024 to serve an estimated 181 million people in 72 countries.

UN Women/Ryan Brown
UN Women/Ryan Brown
"On behalf of more than 1,900 humanitarian partners around the world, the UN today launched a global appeal for 2024, calling for $46.4 billion to provide life-saving assistance and protection to 180.5 million people," the statement reads.

According to the UN, the money is designated for those in 72 nations who have experienced mass displacement, starvation, armed war, climate emergencies, economic collapse, or epidemics.

One in five children either currently resides in or has left conflict areas as of 2023. There are 258 million people who experience severe hunger. In the world, one in three individuals is displaced—a figure that doubled from ten years ago. Additionally, epidemics are to blame for avoidable deaths worldwide, the statement notes.

The organization regrets that only $20 billion has been set aside for humanitarian financing in 2023 since this hardly covers a third of the demands. Requests for 2023 amounted to over 56 billion dollars.

source: un.org