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US DOJ sues Walmart over country's opioid crisis


The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit in Delaware against the Walmart chain. The agency accuses the largest US retailer of violating drug laws.

Daniel Case
Daniel Case
"We hold distributors and pharmacists responsible for ensuring that controlled substances do not fall into the wrong hands. When regulations to protect against drug diversion are broken or ignored, or when pharmacies routinely write illegal prescriptions, we will hold all those responsible, including Walmart, accountable," the DOJ quoted Acting Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Timothy Shea as saying.

The DOJ claims that the company has committed hundreds of thousands of violations over the past few years. Specifically, according to the agency, Walmart improperly distributed potent medications through its pharmacies, contributing to the nationwide opioid crisis.

Walmart is the company that operates the world's largest wholesale and retail chain operating under the Walmart brand. By October 2020, the chain has more than 11,000 shops in 27 countries. According to the 2019 Fortune Global 500 list, Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue with $514.405 billion. The Walton family, which owns the retailer, became the richest in the US in 2020, according to Forbes. Their fortune is estimated at $247 billion.

source: forbes.com