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US Moderna estimates anti-COVID 19 vaccinations at $ 50-60


Biotech company Moderna wants to sell a dose of the coronavirus vaccine for between $ 25 and $ 30, sources close to the company's talks with potential buyers told the Financial Times (FT).

A course of vaccinations will cost $ 50-60. This price can be set for the United States and other high-income countries.

According to the newspaper, this cost is causing "negotiation difficulties" because other manufacturers are willing to sell the vaccine for less. Moderna is likely to change the price of the vaccination course. 

FT also quotes the cost of vaccines from other developers. Thus, the American Pfizer and the German BioNTtech are ready to sell 100 million doses to the United States at $ 19.5 each. British-Swedish AstraZeneca set the cost at $ 3-4.

This week, Moderna began the third phase of clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine. It will be attended by 30 thousand volunteers. This is the largest testing in the world.

source: ft.com