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US Officials Accused Apple of Lying


The US Justice Department accuses Apple of false rhetoric and deliberate sabotage of execution of decisions in the course of proceedings on unlocking information encrypted on the iPhone, belonging to one of the shooters in San Bernardino.

Yusuke Kawasaki via flickr
Yusuke Kawasaki via flickr
The 43-page document, published by the Office, states that the company has hindered execution of the decision and reported false information in many ways.

The dispute between the government and Apple gained speed in the last month, when the FBI obtained a court order requiring Apple to make up new software and make other arrangements to the smartphone’s operation system. The agency demanded to disable access protection code on iPhone of Farooq Saeed, who opened a fire in the center for disabled and killed 14 people. Farooq and his wife tried to escape from the police, but died in the chase.

February 25, Apple demanded from the court release from execution of previous judgment to hack the terrorist’s smartphone. In its address to the court, the corporation referred to the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and guarantees the right of "not to be compelled to the statement."

Later, the court in New York ruled that the US Justice Department cannot force Apple Inc. to unlock the terrorist’s smart phone. According to the court, the authorities did not provide sufficient grounds to force Apple to help the government against the company’s will. The US Ministry of Justice were disappointed by the decision.

Authorities blamed Apple for refusal to assist in the fight against terrorism and said that the company the company behaves as if they were "the main defenders of the privacy of Americans."

"The rhetoric of the company was not only false but also destructive with respect to the institutions ensuring freedom and citizens' rights: the courts, the Fourth Amendment and the democratically elected branches of government", - said the agency in the statement.

The Ministry of Justice also stated that Apple deliberately created additional technical barriers that prevent the execution of the decision. The authorities urged to reject the previous court decision in favor of Apple and force the company to cooperate with the FBI.

source: cnn.com