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US Politicians Declared a New War Against Drugs


This is a relatively small amount compared to other expenses, but the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided last week to allocate $ 20 million in grants to fight heroin addiction and abuse of prescription drugs, what was evidence of the American authorities’ growing concern of this problem.

Grants will be sent to 16 states to fund several programs, including the creation of an electronic database for the sale of prescription drugs and informing healthcare professionals of the potential risks of painkillers.
As stated in the CDC, in the next four years the agency will annually provide states with the sum of $ 750 thousand up to $ 1 million.
Recognizing the seriousness of the problem, the Obama administration has asked to include in the 2016 financial budget an additional $ 133 million to fight drug abuse, writes Business Insider.
- The epidemic of overdose of prescription drugs is a tragic and costly to society phenomenon, which still can be stopped - says CDC director Tom Frieden. - We can protect people from acquiring attachment to opiate painkillers, as soon as possible we must implement a program of strict control drugs sale in real time, follow a more secure practice of issuance of prescription drugs and react quickly to cases of overdose. Numerous programs in all 50 states will be required to stop this epidemic.
Until recently, this problem affected only a small part of the population (mostly ethnic minorities) in the big cities. Today, addiction to heroin and other drugs spread among a large part of the white population of the suburbs and rural areas, including important from a political point of view states like New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa.
Hillary Clinton called the situation with the drug "silent epidemic", and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned the United States that "it spreads like a cancer," everywhere, including his home state of Kentucky.
According to a recent CDC’s report on the topic, the number of heroin deaths in the country has doubled from 2008 to 2013 (from 3041 to 8260 cases). As for deaths due to overdose of prescription opioid means, in 2013, 16235 people died because of this.
If we look at specific regions, the biggest epidemic spread in the north-eastern states noticed in the South and Midwest. In Ohio, the growth of deaths due to overdose of prescription drugs amounted to 300% from 2007 to 2012. And there was an increase of 279% in Kentucky during the same period.
Hillary Clinton called the drug problem one of the main themes of her election campaign, after she was told about this by the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this year.
- When I started my campaign, I did not think that I will talk about the problem of drug addiction, the problems of mental illness and suicide, - Clinton said at a meeting with voters in Iowa in May. - Today, however, I am sure that I must speak about it . I have to do everything possible during the campaign that these issues got everyone's attention.
Last week, Clinton proposed a long-term program to combat drug addiction in the amount of $ 7.5 billion, intended to improve the training of health workers, reform the criminal justice system, which focuses on the treatment rather than incarceration of drug users, as well as to provide all Rapid Response services with naloxone (antidote for the overdose).
According to her, 23 million Americans suffer from drug addiction, and only one in ten receives a qualified treatment.