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US Senate approves bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriages


The US Senate approved The Respect for Marriage Act.

CC GeorgeDement
CC GeorgeDement
It makes sure that interracial and same-sex marriages are recognized by federal law. With 49 votes in favor, the Democratic Party provided the majority of the support for the bill. Twelve senators from the Republican Party supported it. The decision was approved after the final reading with a 61 to 36 margin in favor.

The US House of Representatives will now review the proposed legislation. President Joe Biden will sign the agreement if it is approved. This is anticipated to occur before the year is over.

Even if the federal measure is approved, not every state will be required to recognize same-sex unions. Domestic law in each state will continue to take precedence, therefore the legislature of each state will decide whether or not to allow such marriages there. But even if a state outlaws same-sex unions or mixed-race unions, it still has to recognize unions that take place in other states.

source: cnn.com