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US State Department: Europe is dangerous this summer


The US State Department warned Americans traveling to Europe this summer about a threat of terrorist attacks. The report put a particular attention to UEFA Euro 2016 in France, and the Catholic World Youth Day in Poland.ф

The warning issued by the State Department on Tuesday said that "a large number of tourists coming to Europe in the summer months would be a major target for terrorists planning attacks in public places, especially on large-scale events."

The report paid particular attention to UEFA Euro 2016, which will be held in France on 10 June - 10 July, and the Catholic World Youth Day, scheduled to take place in Poland at the end of July.

According to the State Department, terrorists may choose stadiums, fanzones and places of mass viewing of matches in France and throughout Europe as potential targets for attacks. It is noted that visiting other large-scale sporting events, and crowded places throughout Europe can also be dangerous.

France imposed the state of emergency after last year's terrorist attacks in Paris. It has been extended until July 26 to cover Tour de France during the period from 2 to 24 July.

Congress of young Catholics, timed to coincide with World Youth Day, will be held in Krakow from 26 to 31 July. It is expected to host 2.5 million people. In the period from 4 July to 2 August, Poland will strengthen border controls, and passport checks and inspections in order to ensure safety will be carried out throughout the country.

This warning is actual until August 31, the State Department says.

In late May, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the country is under threat of Islamic State’s terrorist attacks. "France is probably the number one goal for ISIS ... The threat is still very high. It has never been higher, "- he said to BFM TV.

Head of French intelligence Patrick Calvar also acknowledged existence of a terrorist threat. As reported by the American NBC television network, he warned the French parliamentarians that the security services will probably be faced with a new type of terrorist attacks, when terrorists would place explosives in crowded places, "to sow maximal panic." 

source: bbc.com