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US and UK discuss measures to reduce risk of war with China over Taiwan


According to the Financial Times, the US and the UK conducted high-level talks about the "Chinese danger" to Taiwan. It is alleged that the two sides first discussed a contingency plan. They also discussed what role Britain might play "if the United States ended up in a conflict with China over Taiwan."

public domain pictures
public domain pictures
American and British diplomats met in Taiwan in early March. According to the Financial Times, the two sides talked about cooperating to lessen the risk of war with China.

The newspaper reports that the United States wants to boost collaboration with European allies on Taiwan and China's actions. Joe Biden's administration shared intelligence with some allies that had previously been prohibited. The White House and a representative for the British government declined to comment on the conversations.

Tensions between the United States and China heightened in April after a team of six US congressmen visited Taiwan. The visit was deemed "major wrong signals to Taiwanese separatists" by the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

source: ft.com