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US to respond to Iran’s attacks on US bases in Iraq


The decision on retaliatory measures against Iran’s missile strikes against US military bases in Iraq will be made on the basis of a full assessment of the situation, said Senator Marco Rubio.

Tony Webster via flickr
Tony Webster via flickr
"I was informed of direct attacks by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) using ballistic missiles against two bases in Iraq where coalition forces are deployed. A full assessment of the situation is being conducted to determine the appropriate response," Rubio tweeted. 

At the same time, the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the House of Representatives of the American Congress, Eliot Engel, believes that the US administration should take measures to reduce tension in relations with Iran. 

On CNN, Engel said that the United States "cannot get into the epicenter of a full-blown war," and no one wants to unleash it. 

The IRGC reported on Wednesday night that missile attacks were launched on US military bases in Iraq. The action was carried out in response to the death of Iranian military commander Gen. Qassem Suleimani in Iraq on January 3 as a result of a special operation by the US military. 

Pentagon assistant chief Jonathan Hoffman confirmed that Iran launched missile strikes on US military bases in Iraq on Wednesday night. 

He noted that "at about 5:30 p.m. Iran launched more than 10 ballistic missiles at US military bases and the coalition in Iraq." 

“It’s clear that the launch was carried out from Iran,” Hoffman added. 

The attacks, he said, were inflicted on bases in al-Assad and Erbil, where the US Air Force and coalition personnel are stationed. 

source: reuters.com